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  • AK UW100MKII

AK UW100MKII v1.06



Before firmware upgrade:

1. Make sure of the battery level at least over 50%.

2. In order to proceed with the firmware update using the smartphone, the AK Control app must be installed on the smartphone.

3. After pairing the AK UW100MKII to your smartphone, you must run the AK Control app.

4. For firmware update, make sure to grant access permissions when installing the AK Control app.

[How to upgrade]

1. Pair your smartphone with AK UW100MKII.

2. Run the AK Control app.

3. When a new firmware version is available, the screen will display a firmware update guide window.

4. Select [Update] and move to the corresponding screen.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts to update the firmware.


- System Stabilization