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by VanNuys 3 Split

Astell&Kern x VanNuys

The collaboration project was created to give customers a convenient way to protect their audio products while on the move. This project allowed us to find a solution to the problem many customers face of protecting their DAPs, cables and other accessories. Our solution is the optimized VanNuys case made specifically for Astell&Kern.

VanNuys is a brand famous for its protective cases for audio devices as well as their optimal design for space utilization. VanNuys only sells a limited number of cases in Japan, plus a few select countries and is famous among audiophiles for its design and protection. Unlike previous cases, the Astell&Kern collared case was developed and designed to perfectly fit Astell&Kern devices.

Protection from External Shocks
The outside of the case is a structured hard casing with a cushion on the top and bottom to protect the device from external shocks.

Storage Case Optimized for Portable Audio
Safely store and carry your DAP, Amp, earphones and/or audio cables in one place. All Astell&Kern portable devices are compatible.


A built-in band is located at the bottom of the case allowing you to lift it up and remove your products with ease.


The partitions fix the devices in place when on the move. By adjusting the partitions to correctly fit your devices, it provides the ideal protection and prevents them from colliding.


No need to remove your player from the case to listen, simply insert your cable through the side opening.