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Astell&Kern, the Hi-Fi Audio Brand Launches TERATON Sound Solution

Astell&Kern, the Hi-Fi Audio Brand

Launches TERATON Sound Solution

New brand to produce sound module for high performance audio solutions based

on the advanced technologies perfected by Astell&Kern’s for their high-resolution audio products
New Module features DAC, Analog Amp, Power Unit, and Jitter-Minimizing Clock on a single,
micro-sized module solution
TERATON ready to improve audio experiences of other platforms, including mobile devices,
home audio, computers, and 12V systems

Astell&Kern has announced a new B2B business with a new sound solution brand called “TERATON”.

Astell&Kern manufacturers and distributes high-resolution music players and Hi-Fi home/office audio systems. Astell&Kern is known around the world for reproducing the best possible sound quality, just as if you were in the studio with the artists. Astell&Kern products have earned more than 170 of international awards, including the CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award in the Portable Media Player category for the A&ultima SP1000.

TERATON is a complete sound solution, based on Astell&Kern’s years of technological development and expertise in the Hi-Fi audio business that can be used for other media and audio platforms such as smartphones, tablets, home audio systems, computers, and car audio. The name TERATON comes from “TERA”, meaning trillion, the “A” from Astell&Kern, and the “Tone” from audio terminology. When combined, the name means vast variety and world of sound.

TERATON equipped audio systems can offer 24bit or higher audio resolution quality without compression or loss, and its noise reduction and control technology can bring sound quality close to expensive Hi-Fi audio systems. TERATON upgrades the sound performance of audio systems to a similar quality found in Astell&Kern devices, which has been praised and admired by many audio critics, music lovers and audio press around the world.


The key advantage of TERATON is that it comes with DAC chip, micro analog amp, power unit, and jitter-minimizing clock together in a very small footprint. This is the first micro-sized sound solution module that features an analog amplifier built-in. This has been achieved after a long and endeavoring period of research and development by the engineers from Astell&Kern. The TERATON module is based on years of audio tuning experience from Astell&Kern, making it an efficient audio module solution. The TERATON module has been awarded dozens of international patents and a number of pending patents. It is now ready to power any music/audio playback devices including mobile phones, tablets, home audio systems, computers, and car audio systems to provide a Hi-Fi audio experience.

The First TERATON audio solution module, the TM200, will make its debut in a new portable Hi-Res audio player, the ACTIVO CT10, which will be introduced by groovers Japan in January 2018.

"TERATON is an innovative Hi-Fi audio solution that will improve the sound quality of many digital audio devices that we use today and bring them to the level of Hi-Fi quality audio. It will create many collaboration opportunities for Astell&Kern among other industries, including mobile devices, home appliances, automotive audio, and many more,” James Lee, CEO of Astell&Kern said.