Piccolo Diamond Stereo Cable by Crystal Cable
Crystal Cable Company Profile
Dutch cable specialist Crystal Cable designs and manufactures the thinnest high-end wires
possible from one of Europe’s most ambitious R&D laboratories. Its philosophy of less
is more, is echoed throughout the audio community and to this end, all Crystal Cables are
painstakingly designed to extract maximum resolution and ultimate neutrality.
Crystal Cables, The Power and the Glory
This interconnect cable from Crystal Cable will influence your complete system!
It will offer excellent performance and carries a strong recommendation especially
for portable DAC like Astell&Kern.

The highlights of this cable are purity, extreme bandwidth,
lightening responses and accurate tonal color.

– Gabi Rijnveld
Used with AK240
Interconnect cable by Piccolo Diamond
The cable has a solid silver-gold core, helically wound in two thin layers of Kapton insulation, covered in a sliver screen and transparent Teflon jacket. Based on aerospace and military developments, hi-tech materials like Kapton and Peek are employed for insulation. Crystal Cable relies exclusively on advanced in-house silver-gold metallurgy and perfect termination by custom machinery.

Repeatable, consistent, flawless every time. Crystal Cables are ultra-thin, ultra flexible and have the highest RFI and EMI rejection ratio on the market. This construction not only looks attractive, it also gives optimum electrical behaviour and close to perfect shielding. The proprietary
sliver/gold conductors have the lowest micro-distortion in its price range.
While low-cost solutions tend to neglect the low range
while emphasizing the highs, Crystal Cable wires ensure
excellent overall resolution that enhances
the entire range of frequencies.
Ultra high purity Silver
/ Gold solid core conductor
Ultra Thin Kapton insulation
Silver screen
Transparant Teflon
outer jacket
  • Model
  • Wire Specifications
  • Terminal Specifications
  • Cable Length
  • Piccolo Diamond Stereo Cable / PEF13
  • Crystal Cable Silver / Gold 1.5mm
  • 3.5m input jack for both sides
  • 65cm